Did you know that Police caught two criminals after one of the accidentally ….


It may come as a shocker, but there might actually exist such things as justice and karma. The California police got lucky when two male criminals were neglectful enough to make a call to 911 on themselves.


Two male criminals, whose names remain undisclosed, were out of luck the night they decided to steal some drugs earlier this year. While they were discussing their devilish plan, one of them accidentally dialed 911 while his cell phone was in his pocket. When the dispatcher didn’t receive any respond from the other end of the line, she decided not to hang up. That’s how she learned all about the crime the two were about to commit. After she heard a noise of a smashed window, she contacted the police.


Reportedly, the men smashed a car’s window and stole some prescription drugs, which were later found in their vehicle. The duo probably cursed their lack of luck when they were told the ridiculous story about how the police caught them.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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