Did you know that police Officer Kevin Briggs stood on a bridge for over an hour, talking down the suicidal K


The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, is an iconic landmark thanks to the countless suicide attempts during the years. It’s a hot spot for many people who are frustrated with their lives. The California Highway Patrol, U.S. Park Police and bridge security officers have saved many lives, talking thousands of people out of their wish to commit suicide from the bridge.


In 2005 Kevin Berthia was just one of the numerous people officer Kevin Briggs managed to save. Berthia was ready to jump off the bridge, but Briggs was there to listen to his problems, give him more than an hour of his time and make him see the world from a different point of view. Nowadays Kevin Berthia is happily married with two children.
8 years later Briggs and Berthia reunited for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s public service ceremony. Berthia presented an award to Briggs for saving and transforming his life. Briggs has been dubbed as “Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge” and humbly admits he probably saves at least two lives each month.


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