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Did You Know That Pulse Wallets From The Future Will Let You Pay For Things By Using Your…..


If you have ever experienced that dreadful moment when you are about to pay for your groceries and you suddenly realize you have forgotten your credit card and don’t have enough cash, you can now rest assured. The product that could potentially save your from such an embarrassing situation is already here.


It is called a “Pulse Wallet” which is basically a top notch cashless and card-less payment system that will enable you to pay for goods and services by simply scanning your hand. You can forget about holding the long lines in stores anymore. The groundbreaking payment service was presented at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


The “Pulse Wallet” uses new and innovative technology to synchronize your credit card details or any other payment method with your palms by scanning your personal one-of-a-kind vein patterns. Forging “Pulse Wallets” and counterfeiting in general is practically impossible. The technology developed by the Fujitsu company will be up for sale in February 2014.


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