Did you know that Raelians want Canada to provide interplanetary embassy to…


It wasn’t that long ago that Pope Francis publicly stated he would baptize aliens if they wanted to get baptized by the Vatican. And nowadays the Canadians are asking for the Earth’s very first embassy for aliens.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Back in the early 1970s, a new spiritual movement spread across some regions. It was called the Raelian Movement. According to the followers, who call themselves Raelians, the human race was actually created by extra-terrestrial creatures known as Elohim. Nowadays there are a number of Raelians residing in Japan, South Korea and Canada. The largest group of followers, who are currently living in Quebec, Canada, have made an official proposal to the country’s government. The Raelians want to build a special embassy designed for the Elohim. According to them, the aliens won’t return to this planet until they have their own embassy.


The Raelians have already proposed a model of the planned building. They want the location to have a warm climate, since the aliens allegedly don’t like the cold. Also, the followers want the embassy to be four square kilometers and to be financed by the Raelians’ money. 


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