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Did you know that Real-life Ken doll and real-life Barbie doll won't be…


Real-life Ken, also known as Justin Jedlica, and real-life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova won’t be living the cheesy romance of Ken and Barbie in real life.


According to an interview Jedlica gave for the Huffington Post, he wasn’t interested in Lukyanova. The Ken doll stated that he finds her attractive, but doesn’t think she fits his point of view. What does that mean exactly? Jedlica has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgeries in order to look like a living doll. Valeria, who has spent over $800,000 on her looks, refuses to admit any plastic surgery apart from breast implants. Jedlica told the Huffington Post that most of Valeria’s looks is make-up, hair extensions and cute clothes. According to him, she’s being a Barbie doll only in front of the camera, and is an average human being when the make-up is taken off. Since apparently Lukyanova isn’t taking the doll thing too much at heart and isn’t living with the doll-like features 24/7, Jedlica believes she won’t be the perfect match for his plastic self.


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