Did you know that Reese Witherspoon is getting sued for a stolen…


Back in 2015 Reese Witherspoon kicked off her clothing and home items line Draper James and now she’s getting sued over the claims that she stole somebody else’s logo for her line of products.

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

The 39 year old actress, who opened the first store of the line in Nashville and marketed it as an affordable luxury centered around home and lifestyle items, appears to have stolen the logo she uses for Draper James from another woman.

Jordan Weingartner, the woman in question, is a jewelry designer based in Palm Beach, Florida, US. She created a customized shape of a made-up flower based on the traditional shape of a magnolia blossom and used it for a collection of jewelry pieces in the distant 2008. Jordan used her logo in her I Love Jewelry line and featured it in her Magnolia Collection. And now she’s suing Witherspoon, because the actress allegedly ripped off the logo for her own Draper James brand.


Reese is getting sued for $5 million and there’s a reason why. As it turns out, the two logos actually have an uncanny resemblance. The flower used on both designs is the same, even though it doesn’t fully represent any actual flower in real life on 100%. Furthermore, both logos are gold. They also hold the women’s initials as centerpieces – R for Reese and J for Jordan. They are both traced with outlines in similar ways and they both have hooks on top of them. The main differences are the fonts used for the initials and the fact that Jordan’s logo looks a bit more feminine and classy.

Witherspoon and her representatives haven’t commented on the $5 million lawsuit just yet, but it looks like she might have stolen the logo after all, regardless of the fact that a celebrity with her net worth is capable of hiring tons of professional logo designers.


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