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Did You Know That Researchers In Chile Have Developed A Drug That Can Effectively Discourage…


In 2011 Dr. Juan Asenjo and his team revealed they wanted to develop a vaccine against alcoholism. Nowadays, 2 years later, the vaccine is a fact and it’s on its way to be tested on lab rats and people.


How does the vaccine work? It prevents alcohol from metabolizing in the organism which causes extreme hangover, nausea, sweating and rapid pulse increase at just one sip of alcohol. According to Dr. Asenjo, who is director of University of Chile’s Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology, one shot of the vaccine will remain in the human body for at least six months. Furthermore, it cannot be reversed. Asenjo is convinced that his vaccine will help in reducing the percentage of alcohol consumption since its properties bring importunate nausea just from the tiniest sip of alcohol.


If the Chile researchers and scientists are successful this vaccine will be the leader against the battle with alcohol dependency.


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