Did You Know That Rihanna Was Sued By A Neighbor For…


In 2009 the worldwide famous singer Rihanna was involved in a lawsuit for allegedly ruining her neighbor’s lawn.
The singer rented an LA mansion from a man named Stephen Yacobian. The latter and Christian Moeller, the neighbor and claimant in the lawsuit, had an agreement according to which Moeller had to let cars on a section of his lawn if they were headed towards Yacobian’s residence. However, Moeller stated that his home had been remodeled and their agreement had been revoked.


The lawsuit stated that Rihanna and her entourage had ruined Moeller’s property with their cars by using it as a driveway and a parking lot. Furthermore, the man also stated that there’s a surveillance camera at Yacobian’s home which is pointing onto Moeller’s property. According to the records, the man was suing Rihanna for trespass and invasion of privacy. According to an anonymous source the claimant was simply trying to take advantage of the singer hoping she would settle not wanting any negative publicity.The outcome of the lawsuit was undisclosed.


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