Did you know that Rihanna’s stalker is threating…


One of Rihanna’s stalkers is threating to kill the Barbadian singer.

Image Source: DEVIANART
Image Source: DEVIANART

When you’re one of the most famous R ‘n’ B singers of our time, you’re bound to have a gigantic fan base. On the other hand, you’re also bound to have some crazy stalkers following you around, trying to break into your home, or even trying to hurt you. And that’s exactly what one Rihanna’s stalkers is doing!
According to official reports, the stalker in question posted a selfie on Twitter, in which the 27 year old singer’s house can be seen in the background. Nobody really paid attention to him up until he decided to post another tweet after the photo. He said that if he had killed Rihanna a minute ago, all would have been good. The man also said that he owns guns and that he’s about to get a license for them, so that he could “use his hands”. Rihanna’s Twitter followers didn’t take these threats nicely and somebody alerted the police. The authorities searched the singer’s home and the surrounding area, but couldn’t find any traces of the man. He was later identified on Yahoo as Ralph Alexander and Alex Mercer – neither of which has been confirmed as the stalker’s real name.

The police are currently on the lookout for the man and are trying to track him down using social media and are trying to get to his computer records and phone. While the killing threats sound scary enough, Rihanna still hasn’t commented on the case. Furthermore, she was already spotted on several out-and-about appearances, one of which was at a tattoo parlor located in NYC. On the paparazzi out-and-about pictures, which were leaked on the web, the Barbadian singer didn’t appear to be bothered by her stalker’s threats and she looked stunning as usual.


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