Did You Know That Robin Thicke And Miley Cyrus Are Never Going To….


Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus made the headlines in August 2013 with their raunchy performance during the MTV VMA event. Of course, Mylie was more to blame as Robin was unaware of her intentions to scandalize the public or at least he claimed so. Mylie’s provocative outfit and especially her twerking had such an impact that it kept people talking for months. And as it seems they are not going to stop anytime soon.


However, Miley’s “partner in crime” is more than convinced he won’t be performing with the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer ever again. When asked if he was going to take the stage with Miley at the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam last month Robin denied vigorously. His exact words were “Oh no,no,no. No,no, definitely no. Definitely not.”. It looked like the singer wasn’t sure his answer was clear enough and would get through to the public.


Both Mylie and Robin performed at the EMAs but appeared on stage separately.


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