Did You Know That Robin Thickle Blamed Miley Cyrus For….


Apparently, Miley’s provocative performances, outfits and overall behavior are working to her advantage. The 20-year-old singer is not only at the top of her fame but she also scored a UK No.1 single with her song ‘We Can’t Stop’. It was a first for the former Hanna Montana star who also managed to become the first singer this year to get a No.1 double – for her song and her new album ‘Bangerz’. It’s a huge success for the singer who expressed her happiness for being praised so highly in the United Kingdom and she also stated she couldn’t wait to go back there.

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But, however, it’s not only good news for Miley’s : at the same time her UK success was announced Robin Thickle, with whom she performed the infamous dance at the MTV VMA, told Oprah Winfrey in an upcoming episode of her show that he had been unaware of what Miley was going to pull up at the event. He stated that he was already on stage performing when Miley approached him and started dancing provokingly around him. The 36-year-old singer denied he had any responsibility whatsoever for all the media and public reactions which followed after Miley’s performance. Yet, it all seemed to be working rather well for Miley.


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