Did You Know That Russell Brand takes out homeless people for meals, just talks to them…


The comic actor enjoys hanging out with the homeless. And this isn’t the plot of his latest hit movie, it’s real-life Russell Brand.


 Disguised with torn clothes and dirty hats, the actor is making friends with the people on the streets of Los Angeles : he gives them money and he even takes them to breakfast at Newsroom Café in West Hollywood. More so, he states he is extremely interested in the stories they tell him. Brand tells the media he is well aware of the fact that his new buddies are probably using the money for alcohol or illegal substances but he doesn’t mind. According to him, when you’re living on the street, you can use some boost regardless of the boost’s nature.
But before you assume that the former Mr. Katy Perry is a British-turned-Hollywood saint, let’s not forget he’s a former addict himself. Furthermore, he gets his excitement up from the fact that he can’t be 100% sure if his homeless friends are safe to be around and they won’t stab him with a knife during breakfast.


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