Did you know that Russian criminals stole $375k worth of…


The Russian police are currently on the search for The Chocolate criminals. No, this isn’t the new plot for a sequel of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s a real case for the Moscow police.


Official reports state that three men allegedly used fake identities to enter the Ferrero factory near Moscow in December 2013. The criminals loaded their vehicle with as much chocolate as they could and disappeared, before returning to the chocolate factory once again at the end of 2013. By using the very same method as last time, they stole a truckload of chocolate. According to the police reports, the men stole around $375,000 worth of chocolate from the Ferrero factory.


The police are still on the search for the three unidentified men. It’s still not clear what their methods were and why would they need such large amounts of chocolate.


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