Did you know that Russian doctors found a fir tree growing inside man's…


A Russian surgeon recently had the shock of his life while operating on a patient, who was believed to have had cancerous tumor. However, it turned out the problem was a fir tree, which was growing inside the patient’s body.

photo for illustration purposes only, copyrights:
photo for illustration purposes only, copyrights:

Artyom Sidorenko was 28 years old when he was about to undergo a lung surgery. He was coughing blood and having seizures. After the X-ray doctors thought he had cancer. Vladimir Kamashev, his surgeon, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what was causing Sidorenko’s lung problems. The doctor carefully examined the man’s body on the operating table and found a 5cm long fir tree branch, which was growing in the man’s lungs. After Kamashev’s assistant confirmed the unbelievable sight, the surgeon managed to remove the branch from Sidorenko’s organism. It turned out he was coughing blood, because the branch’s needles had been in contact with his capillary vessels. However, Sidorenko told the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda he never felt the presence of a foreign body in his chest.


The doctors presumed Sidorenko had somehow managed to inhale a fir tree bud, which had later germinated in the man’s lungs.


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