Did you know that Sarah Jessica Parker is fed up with being compared to…


Sarah Jessica Parker, who gained prominence after portraying the iconic character Carrie Bradshaw, is fed up with people comparing her to Carrie.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia


The 50 year old actress wrapped the final season of HBO’s hit TV series back in the distant 2004. Ever since then fans of the show (and the books) managed to convince the cast and crew to join forces and to produce two sequels of the show, which resulted in total box office failures. Nevertheless, even nowadays Sarah Jessica Parker is still being compared to her character and she’s pretty fed up with it.

Parker recently shared in an interview that she gets so annoyed with people thinking she’s exactly like Carrie – whining, oblivious to obvious things, and sometimes quite silly. Ever since the show ended Parker has starred in tons of other TV shows and movies, like Glee, New Year’s Eve, Did You Hear About The Morgans?, and so on. The actress, who is currently residing in New York, claims that she had to work really hard each day on set in order to make Carrie believable, to get into her role and to not judge the character for her mistakes. Sarah Jessica Parker claims that everybody keeps assuming that Carrie was actually a version of Parker herself and that’s she’s trying to shake her off her real life image. So, in case you’re wondering – yes, even Sarah Jessica Parker hated and judged Carrie Bradshaw!
On the other hand, Parker’s newest TV show has nothing to do with her iconic character. It’s entitled Divorce and it’s a comedy drama centered around a woman, named Frances, who is trying to finalize the prolonged divorce from her husband, to juggle her finances and altogether – to make a new, fresh start in life.


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