Did you know that Scientists are working on a portable spray-on-skin that can heal severe wounds in just…


Scientists are currently working on a ground-breaking healing spray, which will be able to heal skin wounds over the course of several minutes!

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

If you thought portable healing sprays were just some futuristic idea coming out of a Sci-Fi movie, you were wrong! As a matter of fact, such sprays are already in development.


Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Texas, US, which was acquired by Smith & Nephew in 2012, has been working on this incredible product over the course of the past several years. They were able to come up with a healing spray, which can be sprayed directly on a person’s skin. The spray contains various proteins and is basically made from skin cell particles. So, how does this amazing spray work? The proteins in it help the injured skin cells reprogram themselves into becoming functioning stem cells and in the process – becoming uniformed skin cells once again. In other words – the spray can heal skin injuries and wounds.

The scientists were able to speed up the healing process of the tested skins from 12 weeks to 3 weeks. This means that if the wound is perfunctory, this spray-on-skin medication could heal it in minutes. The healing spray still hasn’t been approved by the FDA, because it needs further testing. According to the scientists, who are currently developing it, the FDA needs better definitions of how the process works and how the proteins help the wounded skin. The good news is the spray is really working its magic. The bad news is that it still hasn’t been approved. According to a spokesperson for the developer, if the product gets approved by the FDA, it will definitely be “an off-the-shelf product”.
Oh, well, it still sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


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