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Did You Know That Scientists Claim Humans Will Become Immortal By 2050 Because Of….


The world is changing in an accelerated rate that has never been witnessed before. According to many scientists by the year 2050 the technological advancements will revolutionize entirely the way we think and live. Thanks to great solution-based innovations and breakthroughs in science, we’ll be able to eradicate the problems causing us suffering today.


Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google, who is also an inventor and futurist, predicts that by the year 2050 mankind will have discovered a unique way to cure all diseases with the help of nanotechnology. Basically, millions of molecule sized nanobots will be able to improve our bodies and immune systems and eradicate all diseases. Kurzweil also predicts that these very same nanobots might help reverse the process of aging thus making us immortal.


According to the scientist, another way of achieving immortality would be by uploading our minds on advanced computer machines. He calls this phenomenon “The Singularity”. It describes the moment when technological advancements would have surpassed the ordinary human brainpower.


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