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Did you know that scientists claim that Vitamin C might be able to cure…


According to recent studies, the most popular vitamin of all might just be able to cure cancer. For many years scientists and doctors have believed that vitamin C can give a boost to chemotheraphy. In the 1970s an American chemist named Linus Pauling claimed that vitamin C can destroy cancer cells.


However, when the vitamin was given by mouth it failed to affect the cancer cells, because it was too easily excreted by the body, so any further experiments were abandoned until recently. A group of US scientists from the University of Kansas proved Pauling’s theory by injecting vitamin C into mice and human patients with ovarian cancer. The test results proved that the vitamin indeed managed to speed up the healing, but only when taken intravenously. According to the patients, the vitamin didn’t have any side effects on the healthy cells. The scientists believe that this discovery might be able to help chemotherapy become more efficient and may even cure other types of cancer with the help of higher dosages of vitamin C.


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