Did you know that scientists use genetically modified HIV to fight…


Doctors and scientists are constantly trying to develop an effective cure for cancer that is able to successfully kill cancerous cells in the human body. Dr. June and his team at the University of Pennsylvania has found a method that provided unprecedented results.


The method involved injecting the body of the patient with a genetically modified HIV virus which isn’t able to cause an infection but can kill cancer tumors. The team of doctors and scientists working on the project has made tests with patients who don’t have any other treatment options left. One such patient was little Emma whose parents really hoped for a miracle.

Dr. June and his colleagues injected Emma with the modified HIV virus. At first Emma got really sick – she had fever, she had difficulty breathing and her heart couldn’t work properly. Miraculously, a few days later the little girl woke up and got better. Tests have shown that the new method was effective in her case and now Emma is healthy and happy girl.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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