Did you know that scientists watched how a giantic black hole chewed up a star and…


Black holes are fascinating formations, which have been amazing scientists for many decades. And now they had the chance to see the stunning phenomenon for the first time ever.

The black hole is known for its massive gravitation properties, which hold back any material from escaping the black hole’s core. The black hole’s gravity field is so powerful that it even prevents light from escaping. Nasa’s Swift telescope made it possible for scientists to observe how one massive black hole devoured a star.

Swift caught several X-ray bursts, which astronomers defined as remnants from a star, which was devoured by a gigantic black hole, located about 3.9 billion light years from our planet. In order to swallow the star, the hole had to stretch it to a point of complete deformation and then slowly chew it up since gravity and time laws don’t apply to the black hole’s gravity field. The scientists were astonished by the phenomenon, because such a swallowing is known to happen only once in every 100 million years.


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