Did you know that Seattle is planning to build a new city park filled with hundreds of edible…


You probably don’t know this, but Seattle is currently building a food forest. It will be the very first food forest on the planet and will be open to the public.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The idea for this food forest was presented back in 2009 and was created by four students. The project was picked up by Seattle’s government, who decided that the idea should be brought to life. One of the main goals of the food forest is not only to provide free, edible and healthy food to the public, but also to bring the residents of the Beacon Hills neighborhood together, since the land, which will hold the forest, is located on public lands in Beacon Hills.

The food forest will actually be a park, known as Jefferson Park. Although there will be some private areas of the land, most of it will be filled with herbs, fruit trees and veggie plants, which will be available to the public. In other words, the Seattle officials will allow any visitor of the food park to pick up whatever food item he/ she likes and to use it or eat it as he/ she finds most fitting.


The project is entitled Beacon Food Forest and ever since it was officially given a green light by the local government in 2010 it has been a work in progress. Back in 2012 the project gained humongous publicity, but ever since then there hasn’t been much information on how the process has been growing. The people standing behind the project are supported by donations coming from people, who are willing to join the cause. Apart from donating money, Seattle residents can also take part in making the food forest a reality by joining the workshops or the team of designers and landscape architects working on the project.


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