Did you know that Selena Gomez claims she’s done with…


Selena Gomez is saying that she’s “honestly so done” with Justin Bieber.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Over the course of the past several years Gomez has worked hard to be seen as something more than a child actress, who once starred in Disney productions. The 23 year old singer and actress has been constantly in the limelight not only for the things she achieves when it comes to her professional life, but also because she dated Canada’s biggest brat – Justin Bieber – for several years. Their on-again, off-again relationship was widely covered by the worldwide media and even though rumors have been flying that Selena and Justin have moved on from each other, everybody keeps asking Selena about him.


In an interview she gave for W Magazine Selena claims she’s “honestly so done” with him and that she’s exhausted by caring for him and his actions, which have landed him in trouble tons of times since 2014. The star is done with her relationship with Bieber and with hoping that he will change. Selena told W Magazine that she feels like she can’t do it anymore after everything Bieber has put her through. Instead of focusing on him, Selena has been focusing on her acting career and on her music.

She released four promotional singles from her latest album Revival, which came out in late 2015 – Good For You, Same Old Love, Me & The Rhythm, and Hands To Myself. Regardless of what she’s telling the media, it doesn’t look like she’s truly done with Bieber, because she still keeps writing music about him. On the other hand, Justin is doing the exact same thing. His latest single, Sorry, tells the story of their relationship in quite some detail. So, is Selena really done with Justin and is she moving on with her life and career?


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