Did You Know That Selena Gomez Cried During A Love Song Performance Supposedly Meant To Be For…


If you happen to be a Selena Gomez fan you’d probably know that her relationship with Justin Bieber is one of the most talked about hot topics on the planet. The numerous ups and downs in the couple’s past led to their official breakup earlier this year which resulted in mixed response from her fans.


According to a legitimate source close to the American pop star, things with Union J, a British boy band, member George Shelley have become more serious.

But, apparently, Selena has not really managed to forget Justin yet. Recent evidence for this was her performance in Brooklyn, NYC where she broke down in passionate tears while singing the song “Love Will Remember”.


The devoted fans of Selena, that are still influenced by her break up with the Canadian singer, speculate that the song was entirely dedicated to him. Although Selena herself denied that her tears had anything to do with Justin, the pop queen obviously has difficulties getting over her relationship with Justin.



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