Did you know that Selena Gomez got trapped in an…


Selena Gomez and a bunch of her friends got trapped in a malfunctioning elevator.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

The 23 year old actress and singer arrived at the City of Love, a.k.a. Paris, France, for the annual Fashion Week events, and got into some unexpected trouble.

The former Disney star was on her way up or down an elevator in some luxurious hotel with a bunch of friends when the elevator in question got stuck. Selena and her entourage were trapped in the elevator, but instead of panicking in their small enclosure, the group of friends decided to have some fun. Selena filmed a short video of their trap and posted it on Twitter seeing rather the funny side of things. Eventually, the 23 year old star and her friends were freed from the elevator and went on their way to enjoy the rest of her their stay in Paris.


During Fashion Week Selena’s other encounters looked far more pleasant than getting trapped in a malfunctioning elevator. The Same Old Love hit singer met with a large variety of other celebs, including award-winning actors and actresses, as well as some people from the fashion business. Selena posed next to Academy Award winners Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Connelly, and was photographed with Louis Vuitton’s current creative director, Nicolas Ghesquiere. Selena donned several eye-catching outfits while she was in Paris and she even had a slight wardrobe malfunction, but regardless of the minor setbacks she experienced – from the elevator to the flashy clothes – the star still managed to keep going and looking gorgeous and stylish.

She also finished filming three projects, which are about to hit theaters later this year – a 1930s drama entitled In Dubious Battle, the sequel of the 2014 comedy Neighbors, and a short drama about a suicidal girl, entitled 13 Reasons Why.


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