Did You Know That Selena Gomez Has Unfollowed Taylor Swift On….


The recent actions of Selena Gomez make it quite clear there is something going on in the 21-year-old star’s life. She suddenly stopped following the Jenner sisters on Instagram, then she took it to the next level and unfollowed absolutely everyone. It’s not such a big deal itself but considering that the main purpose of such a social network is to follow people and be followed yourself what Selena did is quite weird.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

What is more, the star also unfollowed her closest friend Taylor Swift as well as gal pals Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson. This is just another of the numerous big changes Selena has recently made in her life. Just a few weeks ago she fired her own mother and step father who have been working as her managers for years. Also, the ‘Come and Get It’ singer had a brief stay at a rehab facility earlier this year but left much sooner than required. People close to Selena suppose it is all to do with Justin Bieber whom the singer is currently back again with.


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