Did you know that Selena Gomez loves trashing hotel rooms and leaving…


According to recent reports, Selena Gomez just loves trashing hotel rooms, creating nasty messes and leaving some disgusting things behind.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

There is a long list of former Disney princesses, who have gone rogue over the past few years (Miley Cyrus is a picturesque example), but Selena Gomez’s image has always been squeaky clean apart from the fact that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is one of the most hated celebrities of our time. However, it appears that Selena isn’t as clean and tidy as her image is.


An unnamed insider, who once worked as Selena’s assistant, told the media that the 23 year old singer and actress is quite the disgusting guest when it comes to staying at a hotel. As it turns out, Gomez doesn’t just leave an unmade bed behind – she actually trashes hotel rooms! The assistant in question revealed that Selena loves creating humongous messes all over her hotel rooms. The former Disney star splashes make-up stains all over the place, bed covers thrown in each direction, spilled drinks, and even fast food wrappers scattered around the entire room. The source claims that this hasn’t happened once or twice – and these things aren’t even the worst! The truly disgusting thing Selena does in hotel rooms is always leaving her used underwear on the floor of her hotel rooms instead of putting the clothing that needs to be washed in its designed place. While all of this sounds too shocking and unlikely for a star with such a clean and positive image like Gomez, the unnamed source claims that Selena trashes her hotel rooms in such nasty ways in less than 24 hours!

But is this just another nasty rumor going on or is Selena really doing these things?


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