Did you know that Selena Gomez’s grandpa states that she has an inc…


Ever since the news about Selena Gomez’s visit to a rehab center back in January hit the media, the Internet has been swarming with rumors about the Come and Get It singer’s alleged disease. After a number of tabloids started talking about Selena’s drinking and drug-related problems, her own grandfather set the record straight.


Ricardo Gomez hasn’t seen his granddaughter since November 2013 because of Selena’s musical and acting career – thanks to working on new dance routines, songs and live performances, the former Disney star hasn’t had the time to meet up with her grandpa for more than half a year. So when he read about her drug-related problem,s he immediately picked up the phone and asked her to take some time off. Ricardo explained that Selena has been suffering from lupus for the past few years. The 21 year old has been controlling it, but the stress she’s been exposed at for the past few months she could trigger the disease at any moment.


Her worried grandfather probably thought his actions would make Selena take thing slower.


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