Did You Know That Selena Gomez’s Parents Plan Another Intervention and Rehab to Save Selena…


Not so long ago Selena Gomez’s family stated the infamous law-breaker, named Justin Bieber, was undoubtedly the worst thing that ever happened to her. During their on-again-off-again relationship the two celebrities were carefully examined under the media’s magnifying glass.


According to recent reports, earlier this year Selena visited The Meadows rehabilitation center in order to overcome anxiety and other mental problems, which occurred thanks to Justin Bieber’s unacceptable, to say the least, public behavior. Gomez didn’t go through her full rehab program and bailed on The Meadows two weeks after enrolling in the center. Now her parents are more than concerned about their 21 year old daughter, because rumors about her alleged reunion with Justin have been swarming around the Internet for quite some time. Gomez’s parents are planning on sending Selena back to The Meadows in order to finish her rehab program.


And as if your love life being scrutinized by the media isn’t bad enough, rumors of you dating Justin Bieber in 2014 might have to be the worst thing to ever happen to you.


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