Did You Know That Several People Successfully Used 'The Matrix Defense' In Court Stating….


Movies are no longer just a pleasurable pastime but something used by defenses in court. The movie in particular which several defendants successfully used was ‘The Matrix’ hence the name ‘The Matrix Defense’. The people in question explained they believed being in the Matrix rather than the real world when they committed a certain crime.


Tonda Lynn Asley from Ohio was one of the people who got away with their actions thanks to ‘The Matrix Defense’. The woman claimed she was convinced her landlord was a part of conspiracy meant to brainwash her and eventually kill her, therefore she tried to shoot the man but fortunately failed.


Vadim Mieseges from San Francisco was involved in an argument with his neighbor and hit him with a shovel on the head sending him to hospital. Mieseges later claimed in court that he was suffering a temporary insanity due to being “sucked into The Matrix”.


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