Did you know that Shakira's "Loca" was claimed to be…


Shakira has it all – fame, fortune, tons of fans and sold albums, a loving man and a second baby on the way. However, she recently got some in bad publicity over an allegedly plagiarized song.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Her single “Loca”, which became a hit shortly after its release in 2010, appears to be just another plagiarized song. Back in the late 1990s, a musician named Ramon “Arias” Vazquez wrote a song Loco Con Su Tiguere. Arias filed a lawsuit against Shakira and her label Sony. Another musician, Eduardo Edwin Bello Pou (also known as El Cata), also claimed the song was his. Arias never licensed the song to El Cata, but that didn’t stop the latter from claiming it as his own and from performing alongside Shakira in the Spanish version of Loca.


The court ruled that Loca was indeed a plagiarized copy of Loco Con Su Tiguere. Sony is now forced to pay for the copyright mistake Shakira made for trusting El Cata in the first place.


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