Did you know that Shia LaBeouf is having a …


It wasn’t long ago when the 27 year old actor Shia LaBeouf appeared on the red carpet with a shiny tux and a paper bag over his head, on which he had written his statement that he was no longer famous. And while it provoked some laughter among fans and photographers, one of LaBeouf’s colleagues was rather concerned about his strange behavior.


The 35 year old James Franco, who has had his fair share of strange behavior, shared with the media his opinion on LaBeouf’s appearance. According to Franco, Shia could be undergoing a nervous meltdown, probably caused by the Hollywood pressure the 27 year old actor has been experiencing for the past decade. However, even though Franco’s words sound serious, the actor didn’t intend to offend his younger colleague. Franco claims that Shia could as well be just trying to dissociate himself from the public image Hollywood has built for him.

In addition, Franco states that he’s deeply concerned about LaBeouf and hopes that Shia’s behavior was nothing serious.


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