Did you know that Sinead O’Connor is safe and sound after she was …


The Irish music legend Sinead O’Connor is safe and sound after it was reported that she has gone missing with alleged suicidal thoughts.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Earlier this may O’Connor was reported missing and the news of her disappearance blew the entire Internet away. Fortunately, she has been found and she’s safe once again.

It all started when somebody tipped off the media about the missing person’s report filed at the Chicago police force. The police had reasons to believe the singer was suicidal and they launched a search for her after she disappeared from her home in Chicago, Illinois, US, riding away on a bicycle. The Irish singer has been living in Chicago for the past few months and the police waited 24 hours after the report before they went on the lookout for the missing musician. During a short press conference the Chicago Police told the media that they had indeed found the 49 year old Sinead and that she was perfectly safe. However, the officials refused to give any further details in relation to the singer’s whereabouts, how she had ended up at the mysterious place where the police had found her, or what had happened in between that moment and the moment when she went missing.


Nevertheless, everybody is relieved to hear that the Nothing Compares 2 U hit maker is safe once again. A popular theory suggests that Sinead’s alleged suicidal thoughts may have been triggered by the troubles she has in her personal life, including the fights with the Irish government regarding the custody of her kids, as well as the fact that she was recently slammed with a $5 million lawsuit by the comedian and talk show host Arsenio Hall after she accused him of supplying the late musical legend Prince with drugs.


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