Did You Know That Sleeping On The Job Is Acceptable In Japan. It Is Viewed As…


Nowadays people are so busy and overwhelmed by their personal and professional responsibilities that they can’t get enough sleep. As a result, they are stressed, nervous and tired. Sleeping allows the mind to relax and recover from the multiple tasks it has completed during the day. People who lack sleep tend to experience various health issues, such as depression, heart diseases, obesity, etc.



Sleep deprivation makes people unproductive at their work. This is a well-known fact in Japan and to deal with this problem the authorities have allowed sleeping during work hours. This is practiced everywhere : from the Parliament to big business companies. The Japanese use the term inemuri, which is translated as “being asleep while present”. It is a result of hard work and lack of sleep at night. The Japanese know that people can be more productive after a short nap, so this is quite common in the country. Many workers even fake inemuri in order to look committed to their job.


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