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Did You Know That Soccer Player Ronaldo Made An Astonishing Gesture By Paying The Entire….


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Soccer players are probably one of the highest paid people in sport these days. They get a ton of money, literally, and many people complain that it is way too much for “just running after a ball”. However, they might be rich but some of them do have hearts and like to give back when they have a chance.
10-month-old Erik Ortiz Cruz was born with a neurological illness and was suffering 30 epileptic fits a day. Surgery was the only possible cure but its cost of $83,000 together with the hospital bills for the regularly tests and scans was out of reach for Erik’s family. The boy’s local community decided to organize a fund-raising auction aiming to help cover the treatment cost. They contacted soccer star Ronaldo and asked him to donate a signed shirt and boots which would be sold at the auction. But Ronaldo did so much more. He decided to pay the entire medical bill himself thus saving little Erik’s life. The family was immensely touched by the grand gesture and couldn’t express their eternal gratitude.


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