Did you know that some people in Philippines crucify themselves because…


The notorious crucifixion of Jesus Christ seems like a good penalty for those who have repented their sins. At least that’s what Filipino people think.

source: Flickr
source: Flickr

This year’s Good Friday was a day a great number of tourists and journalists will never forget. Over the Easter holidays the Pampanga province welcomed both locals and foreigners who gathered there in order to see a number of devotees get crucified. The Filipino people believe crucifying themselves is the one way to cleanse their mind and body from all sins. As men and women got nailed to wooden crosses journalists, the whole world witnessed the strangest way of devotion to a religion. The penitents agonized and grimaced in pain in the name of cleansing and curing illnesses. The locals have been doing this for the past several decades. They are convinced that crucifying will help them cure the ill, bring miracles to the people and clean their souls.


During the crucifixions a 48 year old Danish filmmaker decided to give it a go. Regardless of his agony, he claimed it was a fantastic experience and that everyone should try it.


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