Did you know that Sophia Loren refused to get a nose….


80 year old Sophia Loren is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses that ever lived. With nearly 100 titles in her filmography, she has proved that she has the talent, looks and charm to win millions of hearts across the globe.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia


However, when she was younger, not everybody thought she was so attractive. Back in the day, Sophia was a contestant in a beauty pageant and later chose to become an actress. Almost immediately, people started complaining about the shape and length of her nose. Tons of photographers didn’t like her profile; many producers thought her features were inappropriate and even her own husband, the late Carlo Ponti, told her she should get her nose fixed. Nevertheless, regardless of other people’s opinions, she never got a nose job.
Sophia stated that she believes the little irregularities in her features are what made her unique, beautiful and attractive to the rest of the world.


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