Did you know that South Korea has made parking spaces specially designed for w…


The popular belief that women can’t drive or park a car is being taken to a whole new level in South Korea.


The country introduced an innovation in parking lots all around Seoul earlier this year. The new parking spaces, which are designed especially for female drivers, are larger, have pink markings and feature a logo with a pink skirt. The female-friendly parking spaces are getting more and more attention and they are a part of South Korea’s “Women Friendly Seoul” program. This program is trying to make the country’s capital a better place for female drivers. The plan evolves further, since parking lots will be equipped with additional CCTVs and brighter lights. Not only that, but there will be more female toilets in the city as well as special female-friendly roads, which will be better maintained in order to save women from getting their heels stuck in the cracks.


As well as South Korea, Germany, Italy, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Kuwait have also embraced similar women-friendly programs.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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