Did you know that Starbucks is getting sued for $5 million for putting too much…


The coffee shop chain Starbucks is the subject of a new lawsuit, which is suing the company for a total of $5 million over the claims that they are putting too much ice in their iced beverages.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The company’s iced cold or steamy hot beverages are a preferred good for customers from all over the world all year long. Starbucks employees are serving customers in more than 23,700 coffee shops worldwide and some of them are quite unhappy with the amount of ice they are paying for in their iced beverages.
Stacy Pincus, one of those customers, is currently suing the company for $5 million. The woman filed a class action lawsuit (meaning that many people can take part in the lawsuit as a joint force against the company) against Starbucks, and right now this lawsuit is landing the coffee shop chain in the headlines of the biggest news agencies all over the globe. According to the lawsuit, the company’s Venti-sized drinks are filled with too much ice and not enough of the actual product. The liquid inside the beverage is nearly 14 ounces only and the rest of the cups are filled either with ice cubes or with blended ice. The lawsuit also states that this is nearly a half of what customers are actually paying for, which is why the lawsuit is demanding a cold $5 million from the company.

The court papers, which were filed in Illinois, US, claim that instead of paying for the beverage the customers are actually paying for additional ice and that instead of selling beverages Starbucks is selling the idea of the size of their cups – and not the fluid inside it. Starbucks officials spoke to TMZ about the case and stated that the ice is an essential part of their iced beverages and that they are always willing to re-prepare a drink for an unsatisfied customer.


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