Did You Know That Starbucks Was Named After…..


The company was created in Seattle back in 1971 by a group of intellectuals – a writer, a history teacher and an English teacher – who wanted to start a coffee roasting business. Given that all three men were really into books, they opted for a company name inspired by one of their favorite books – the epic sea story ‘Moby-Dick’ by Herman Melville. First, they called the company Pequod but as one of the partners disliked the name, they went for Starbucks instead.


In the book Starbuck is a fictional seaman character but the name was actually quite popular among real sailors at the time the story in the novel takes place. The nautical theme is strongly represented in the Starbucks brand as the company founders wanted it to be associated with Seattle, mostly famous for its seaports and sailing back in the 1970s. The logo of the brand features a twin tailed mermaid or Siren, a mythical creature who would lure seamen into shipwreck with her songs.




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