Did You Know That Steve Irwin's Father Rejected The State Funeral,Offered By The Government…


Bob Irwin, Steve “The crocodile hunter” Irwin’s father, told the press that his son had been like a best friend to him. The two men, having been on multiple adventures together, were well aware of the risks of their profession. Bob Irwin admitted his son had been familiar with the idea that anything could happen in his line of work and had discussed the possibility of his death as a result of his job.


People all over the world wanted to pay their respects and to express their grief for the loss of Steve Irwin. However, his father rejected the idea of a state funeral for his son. He explained that his son was just an ordinary man and that Bob wished his son to be remembered as such. More so, he also added that Steve himself wouldn’t have wanted a state funeral and would have preferred a normal, intimate one.


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