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Did You Know That Steve Jobs Became A Vegan Because He Believed The Diet Would Eliminate The Need To…


Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, was one of the most influential figures of our century in the fields of computers and consumer electronics. A legendary inventor, Jobs has often been dubbed the ‘Father of the Digital Revolution’.


Apart from his brilliant mind, the college dropout was also famous for his peculiar personal habits and way of living. As described in Job’s biography by Walter Isaacson, the entrepreneur became a vegan partly because he believed his body odor would be nicer than those of omnivores. What is more, Jobs was convinced that being a vegan he didn’t need to shower as often as people who ate meat. However, Jobs was reported to smell rather awful and as if he hadn’t showered for days, if not weeks. Even though it was mostly during his youth when he was something of hippie, it mustn’t have been very pleasant for Job’s colleagues and people around him.

Nevertheless the result in his case, Jobs was onto something with his theory of vegans smelling better than people who consume animal products on a daily basis. According to a scientific experiment, when asked to smell the armpits of men on a vegetarian diet and meat-eating ones, 95% of the women participating in the study described the body odor of vegetarians as less intense and much more ‘attractive’. Scientists explain these results with the fact that conventional eaters excrete more toxins than people who don’t consume meat which makes their body odor unpleasant.





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