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Did you know that Steven Tyler tried to slip a note under Miley Cyrus’ …


Steven Tyler, the 66 year old vocalist of Aerosmith, and former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus recently stayed in the exact same hotel in Helsinki, Finland. The former Disney star was in her room when Tyler decided to leave a note for her.


One of his friends or fellow Aerosmith members was filming as Tyler tried to slip his handwritten note under Cyrus’ door. He shushed at the camera and explained that the 21 year old was very sleepy. Unfortunately, Tyler couldn’t tuck the note under the door, so he attempted to slip it through the side. However, that didn’t work at all. The frustrated singer then tried one more way of leaving his note, folding it in half and sticking in the key card slot of the door.


When Miley saw the video on Tyler’s Twitter she retweeted it. However, neither of the two made a public statement on social media about whether or not they got meet each other during their stay in Finland.


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