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Did you know that T-shirt was invented in 1904 and marketed to bachelors who couldn't …


Do you know that the T-shirt was invented back in the distant 1903? Do you know who invented it and why?

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Up till the beginning of the 20th century T-shirts were rare and were considered as part of the underwear, which was not to be shown in any way in public. In 1904 a magazine advertisement, ran by the Cooper Underwear Company, started advertising the T-shirt not as an underwear item, but as a regular piece of clothing. The ad showed a masculine guy wearing the product, which had the following tag line: “no safety pins, no buttons, no needle, no thread”. The purpose of the ad was to show the clothing item in a new light. The company wanted to re-brand the product and to market it as a comfortable piece of clothing that doesn’t require the replacement of any buttons. The T-shirt was, thus, marketed to bachelors, who had no women around to sew back the ripped buttons on their shirts.

In the upcoming few years men working for the US Navy had already made the T-shirt popular not only amongst their colleagues. By 1920 the T-shirt had gained huge popularity among bachelors of all ages. By 1940 T-shirts were all the rage even among high school boys and teenagers from all over the world started wearing the clothing item. Even though the purpose of the shirt was to help bachelors cope with the lack of sewing skills, nobody thought the garment would become so popular.


Nowadays both men and women can be seen sporting T-shirts of various sizes, styles, prints, patterns and cuts. The T-shirt has become an irreplaceable fragment of every person’s closet. Nobody knows who named the T-shirt, but it’s believed the name originates from the shape of the button-less clothing item.


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