Did you know that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are the highest…


Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Calvin Harris are currently the highest-paid celebrity couple!

Image Source: DAILYMAIL
Image Source: DAILYMAIL

Over the past few months Taylor Swift’s name was figuring in every tabloid and news agency’s headlines. Whether it was for her rankings in the music industry, her classy style, her romantic misdemeanors or simply her out-and-about paparazzi shots, she was always there. And now she’s even on top of Forbes’ list for the highest-paid celebs of our time.

For many years Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z used to take first place as the richest celebrities. They even topped Forbes’ list from 2013 for the highest-paid celeb couple. However, this year they have been dethroned by Swift and her current partner – singer and producer Calvin Harris. The two of them started dating back in March 2015 and it took them a couple of months before they became the highest-paid couple. Forbes estimated their earnings as a total of $146 million. That’s right, the 25 year old Swift and the 31 year old Harris scored a total of $146 million in USD!


Jay-Z and Beyonce were knocked down to number two. According to the list, they managed to earn $110.5 million – slightly more than the $95 million they were paid in various gigs and campaigns between 2012 and 2013. Forbes’ number three is taken by another famous couple – the country duo Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, who got married back in 2011. Lambert and Shelton scored third on the list of the highest-paid celebrity couples with a total of $57 million in combined earnings.

Strangely enough, Forbes’ list was topped by three celebrity couples, who all work in the music industry. The whole list of a total of 100 celebrity couples will be officially released on the 29th of June this year.


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