Did you know that Taylor Swift is acting like an old…



Do you remember when Ed Sheeran called Taylor Swift a middle-aged woman earlier this year? Brace yourselves, because this information shines an even worse light on her!

Image Source: WIKIMEDIA
Image Source: WIKIMEDIA

One of Swift’s exes, who wisely chose to remain anonymous while speaking about her, recently told the media something quite unflattering about the 24 year old singer. First of all, the I Knew You Were Trouble hit-maker called a dozen of times over the period of one week, so the poor guy finally decided to take her out on a date. And that’s when his real troubles began. According to him, during their sushi date she wouldn’t stop blabbering about her cat named Meredith. The guy felt like he was out with a “90 year old grandma”. Not only that, but he couldn’t bare Swift anymore, so he ran to the bathroom and stayed there nearly 15 minutes until he gained enough courage to lie to her about getting sick before ending their disastrous date.


It’s no wonder Taylor’s songs are about guys who broke up with her!



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