Did you know that Taylor Swift is being sued over the nu…


As you well know, the number 13 is considered the unlucky number world widely. However, if you’ve paid attention to Taylor Swift for the last several years you probably know she’s kind of obsessed with it and considers it to be her lucky number.


Nevertheless, it doesn’t serve her much good nowadays. According to official reports, a clothing company, named Lucky 13, has slammed the 24 year old singer and songwriter with a law suit regarding copyright infringement. The company is suing Swift for using the Lucky 13’s trademarks without any given authorization. Swift hasn’t spoken about this matter just yet, but she has spoken before of her fascination with this particular number. The I Knew You Were Trouble singer is born on the 13th of December, her 13th birthday was on Friday the 13th and her very first studio album went gold in just 13 weeks. The list of reasons goes on and on and Swift is often spotted with a drawing of the number on her hand on many of her concerts.


But has she really broken the law or is Lucky 13 just trying to get publicity?


Written by Patrick Bennet

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