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Did You Know That Taylor Swift Was Bizarrely Named Next-Of-Kin By A Death….


Taylor Swift recently received one of the strangest news in her life. Michael Callan, a pilot who died tragically in a plane crash at the Nashville Airport in Tennessee, had named the 23-year-old singer as his next-of-kin. The bizarre part of this tragic story is that Taylor has actually never met the deceased pilot.


Callan was flying a single-engine aircraft and was found nearly 500 miles away from the originally planned destination. The authorities are currently investigating the case but they cannot yet determine the reason why the aircraft was found destroyed so many miles off course.


The 45-year-old Mr. Callan did not have any children and was not married. According to his sister, Jody Quenneville, the family had no clue how his plane reached the Nashville Airport since his starting point was at the Windsor Flying Club in Ontario, Canada.


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