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Did you know that teenagers migrate from FB as their parents send them…


Latest research shows that teenagers are moving away from Facebook and prefer other services, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter.
The research covers teenagers aged 16-18 in eight countries in the European Union. The results show that they consider Facebook ‘dead and buried’. But what caused this change of attitude of teenagers and their “migration” to other social services?

The answer is simple. Daniel Miller, the lead anthropologist of the team that conducted the study, explained that it is due to the fact that parents have started creating Facebook accounts and sending their children friend requests. This makes teenagers feel embarrassed.

The research has also found that in the past parents used to be worried about their children’s activity on Facebook, but today are more likely to urge their teenage kids to continue sharing info and photos. In addition, teenagers don’t care whether their personal information is used for commercial purposes or by various security services.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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