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Did you know that teens in China are taking cabbages to…


You will never believe what’s the newest craze among depressed teens in China!

source: cen
source: cen

In order to fight off loneliness, depression and other negative emotions a great number of Chinese teenagers have embarked upon a new type of therapy, which basically consists of taking a cabbage for a walk. That’s right, tying a leash around a real cabbage and taking it out on the street as if you’re just walking around with a dog. Not only that, but enthusiasts say it’s actually better than taking your doggie for a walk. According to 17 year old LuiJa Chen, this type of therapy is more helpful than old-fashioned talk sessions with a shrink. Why? Apparently the cabbage makes a better company than a dog, since veggies don’t tend to bark, start fights with other veggies or dump their business on the street. Not only that, but the cabbage makes it easier for teens to talk to other depressed teens, since they can spot each other easily.


And what’s the best part? After you’re done with the cabbage, you can just throw it away!


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