Did You Know That Termites Managed To Eat Through $222,000 Stored In A…


It sounds ridiculously unbelievable but it’s true. It was reported that in 2011 a colony of termites managed to eat through millions of Indian rupees in a bank safe.


According to the bank’s manager, he was the one to open the reinforced safe room when it came clear that India lost 10 million rupees to the tiny wood-eating insects. The money was estimated to the US equivalent of $222,000. Nobody had a clue how the termites managed to get inside the steel chest which held the banknotes. The money was put in the safe room in January but the insects were able to munch it all for several months.
Reportedly, termites have also done damage to bank documents and furniture in the past. The police investigation suggested the disaster was caused by bank officers’ negligence. Whether the bank staff is responsible or not, the bank’s loss is irreversible.


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